Jifea is a subsidiary of the parent company SSH Networks Private Limited. It’s an online ecommerce store. From individual enthusiasts to general consumers, we work with a wide variety of products at Jifea, so we are well equipped and stocked to satiate all your needs! Chargers, Adapters, Cases, and Converters. -  we do it all!

Why buy from us?

We at Jifea aim to provide maximum consumer satisfaction and here are the key points we focus on while providing our service.
   * 30 Days return guaranteed (terms and conditions applied).
   * Free delivery, no hidden chargers or taxes.
   * E-Receipts emailed directly to you for future referencing.
   * Replacement for any unforeseen damages.

Market complexities, confusing tax systems, hidden charges, below par quality, and time being a premium commodity, Jifea takes over those parts of the distribution trying to make the end user's product experience as smooth as possible. We proudly offer all these services while being ethical, accountable and equitable; and always trying to exceed the highest standards of the industry in that matter.

-Jifea Team

SSH Networks Private Limited