Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

When using our services, we may request you to provide basic personal identity and information in the form of “signing up” and/or creating an account with Jifea. The information obtained might include, but not limited to:

- First name and last name.
- Email Address.
- Cookies and Usage Data.

Tracking Data

When using Jifea or its subsidiaries, we automatically collect information like, your browser type, IP addresses, and device type. We also collect information like the individual parts of services you visit, devices, and purchases for optimisation.

How we use the information collected from you?
The information we collect from you is used to provide you with better services, process your transactions and requests, and communicate with you in scenarios like breaches, frauds, or pending purchases amongst other things. It also helps us reinforce the security of our infrastructure and monitor any misconducts and misuse of software.

Our Obligations

With respect to all laws in any region, we will honour all your requests concerning the sharing and usage of your data that you provide us, or we gather from you, under the condition that your access to our services might or might not get revoked with respect to the nature of your request. All our services are up to date with all the GPDR and
- Electronic Transactions Ordinance, 2002.
- Prevention of Electronic Crimes Ordinance, 2007.
- Payments & Electronic Fund Transfers Act, 2007

Guidelines of the **Islamic Republic of Pakistan** and all the data collected is stored in secure servers overseas with backups.

Data persistence and account management

To delete your accounts, you can e-mail us at

Data limited to your transactions will be retained on our databases as long as you are a valid user. In case of a request to delete the sensitive data, like your transactions, will result in your account being banned from the service, and your right to refunds and ownerships or any other ties with the service will be immediately revoked without any notice.

Potential actions for misconduct

At SSH Networks private limited, security and confidentiality are our top priorities. In case of repeated misconducts like fraudulent refunds will result in immediate blockage of account and/or blacklisting of the involved devices.

The data above is subjected to change at any time for compliance with operational, legal, and regulatory changes.

-Jifea Team

SSH Networks Private Limited