Refund Policy

Refund Policy

All the purchases can be refunded in a 30 day period after the purchase has been made. Under the following conditions.

- The 30 day period starts right after the date of purchase i.e including the time taken in dispatch and delivery.
- User damaged goods will be replaced under certain conditions mentioned below.
- The returns will only be accepted for goods damaged either in shipping or goods which are no longer needed.
- Refunds can only be made through Easy Paisa, Jazz Cash, and/or Bank Transfer.

Replacement for user damaged goods

Goods which have been damaged post purchase and delivery can be replaced under the following conditions.

- Product should not be damaged deliberately by the user .
- You should have the proof of purchase.

While the list of conditions is quite short it is not a simple process of check the list and issue a replacement, the final call to replace the good will lie with the support team member on duty, if he/she believes that the product does not qualify for a replacement they have the right to reject the request.

-Jifea Team

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