Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

We at SSH Networks private limited use the following logistics/shipping partners.
- TRAX Logistics
- Leopards Express
- Daraz Express

The above mentioned list is subjected to change at any time without prior intimation to the customers, and the decision to use either is made my our computer application based on the distance, cost, and time to be taken such that the customer receives the order as soon as possible.


Any damage incurred during the shipment process will be borne by the shipping company and SSH Networks Private Limited (Jifea Store). The customer will only have to provide adequate proof of the damage being done during the shipping process, and a proof of purchase like an e Receipt or valid proof of payment.

Advice to the customers

Due to the inherit lack of transparency between the sender/recipient and the logistics provider, we advice our customers to video tape the unpackaging of their package so that in case some sort of damage or manipulation of the package has occurred we have adequate proof to allow us to make a more informed and accurate decision on the refund and to improve our packaging procedure and also inform the logistics partner about the nuisance.

-Jifea Team

SSH Networks private limited